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Motiva's STAR base oils are hydrotreated, isomdewaxed, and hydrofinished to produce high VI, water-white paraffinic lube oils.  Processing conditions are optimized to produce premium quality base stocks with high saturates and low sulfur.

  • STAR 2 is a 60 SUS oil, well suited for specialty fluid, and very light viscosity applications.
  • STAR 4 is a 105 SUS oil, designed for PCMO (passenger car motor oils), ATF (automatic transmission fluids), and industrial applications (such as hydraulic fluids and turbine oils).
  • STAR 6 is a 220 SUS oil, designed for HDEO (heavy-duty engine oils), PCMO, gear oil, and other industrial fluid applications.  Its high saturates content can help provide good soot dispersancy for HDEO formulations.
  • STAR 12 is a 600 SUS oil, designed for applications including engine oils, gear oils and industrial lubricants.
Motiva STAR 4, STAR 6, and STAR 12 base oils meet the API 1509 definition and the ATIEL Code of Practice definition for Group II base stocks.
STAR base oils are used to manufacture products meeting the stringent requirements for automotive and industrial lubricants.  The very low sulfur content of STAR base oils make them a desirable blend stock for modern Low SAPS (Low Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulfur) engine oil formulations.
Motiva STAR base oils can be used to blend industrial lubricants in ISO-VG 10 thru ISO-VG 100.  With the use of an appropriate heavier base stock, STAR base oils can also be used to blend industrial products in the ISO-VG 150 thru ISO-VG 460 range.

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