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Marketing Contacts

Please contact us for information about Motiva base oils and solutions.

Bryan Schorzman  – General Manager, Base Oils

Business: 713-427-3561

Eric Johnson  -- Manager, Basestock Sales Manager 

Business: 713-427-3344

Don Folse   -- Manager, Base Oil Sales

Business: 713-427-3290

Bryan White  -- Manager, Base Oil Sales

Business: 713-427-3251

Bret Chitwood  -- Manager, International Base Oil Sales

Business: 713-427-3497

Greg Raley  -- Manager, Base Oils Technology

Business: 713-427-3417

Refinery Contacts

For general inquiries and customer service, please contact us or call toll free 877-688-4825.

Motiva Base Oils Customer Service Center

Natalie Warren  -- Customer Service Manager

Business: 409-989-7970

Jennifer Murphy  -- Customer Service Representative

Business: 409-989-7489

Jennifer Manuel  -- Marine Scheduler

Business: 409-989-7078

Terri Doyle  -- Rail/Truck Scheduling

Business: 409-989-7842

Dana Hays  -- Sales Support

Business: 409-989-7297

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