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Motiva markets our fuels under the Shell brand. Shell branded fuels can be purchased at over 8,200 retail stations in the Motiva territory.  

Shell has the largest retail gasoline network in the United States with more than 14,300 branded sites coast-to-coast and a presence in all 50 states.   

In addition to Shell branded gasoline and diesel fuels, we sell unbranded fuels to commercial customers.  

As reported by Lundberg, Shell is consistently ranked No. 1 in total gallons sold. 

Terminaling Services

Motiva owns and operates an extensive network of 35 terminals throughout the northeastern, southeastern, and Gulf Coast regions of the United States. These terminals, along with another 100+ contracted locations where product is stored on behalf of Motiva Distribution's customers, provide a source of gasoline, distillate, jet and bio-fuel products that can then be further transported via tanker trucks, pipelines, railcars, and marine vessels.

Motiva Supply and Distribution

Base Oils

Motiva operates a 40,000 barrel per day base oil manufacturing plant—one of the largest in the world—at its Port Arthur refinery.  The refinery is ISO 14001 certified and the base oil operations are ISO 9001 certified.

Motiva operates multiple lube hydroprocessing units using patented unit designs to upgrade heavy gas oils into high quality API Group II lubricant base oils and specialty products.  An extensive variety of approvals exist in Motiva STAR base oils, which are widely used to manufacture finished lubricants such as modern motor oils and high performance industrial lubricants.

With over 100 years of lube refining at Port Arthur, key quality initiatives and major lube projects in 1998, 2000, and 2006, demonstrate a continued commitment to meet customers’ growing needs for these high quality products.

For more information visit: www.motivalubes.com.