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Our Business


Motiva owns three refineries – located in Covent and Norco, Louisiana and Port Arthur, Texas – which have a combined refining capacity of over 1 million barrels per day, making us the third largest refiner in the region.  

Our Port Arthur refining complex operates a 40,000 barrel per day base oil manufacturing plant, one of the largest in the world.


Motiva's Distribution business provides revenue through the receipt, storage, scheduling, accounting, and delivery of light refined products and bio-fuels to both internal and external Motiva customers.

Motiva owns and operates an extensive network of 35 terminals throughout the northeastern, southeastern, and Gulf Coast regions of the United States. These terminals, along with another 100+ contracted locations where product is stored on behalf of Motiva Distribution's customers, provide a source of gasoline, distillate, jet and bio-fuel products that can then be further transported via tanker trucks, pipelines, railcars, and marine vessels.

As one of the largest petroleum products storage companies in the eastern United States, Motiva’s Distribution business has the depth, expertise, and experience to remain a leader in the petroleum products storage business.

Sales and Marketing

Motiva markets Shell gasoline in 49 states and the District of Columbia together with Shell Oil Products US. Together we lead the industry in national retail volume and market share in one of the world's best known gasoline brands.  We also refine and market gasoline and other petroleum products under the Shell brand across the eastern and southern parts of the US, providing product to over 8,200 Shell-branded retail outlets.